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Mission Statement (v2)

In today’s world, the swift advancement of computational power is a cornerstone of progress in various fields, such as artificial intelligence, data visualization, physics simulations, engineering, and biomedical research. However, we observe that rapid growth in hardware capabilities often outpaces concurrent progress in software development and the upskilling of developers. Compounding this issue is the complexity of contemporary computing systems, which integrate networking, storage, processing, and software. The resulting mismatch presents a significant challenge in fully leveraging the potential of next-generation hardware.

In response to the persistent challenges in the software-hardware gap, Colfax is poised to take a proactive stance. Since 1987, Colfax has been at the forefront of building cutting-edge computing tools, including workstations, servers, and clusters. Our commitment has always been centered on adopting and integrating the newest technologies to ensure that our clients stay ahead in the fast-paced technology landscape.

At the heart of the mission of our Research division are our specialized consulting services aimed to help our clients bridge the software-hardware gap. Colfax offers expert consulting focused on software optimization on modern parallel and GPU-accelerated architectures to meet the unique needs of our clients. By leveraging our deep expertise and experience, we help clients maximize the potential of their hardware through tailored code and hardware solutions.

The expertise that we offer is built on three pillars:

  • Research. Since 2013, we have been preparing case studies in the style of academic papers, accompanied by open-sourced and annotated code, that highlight and explain broadly applicable techniques relevant to extracting superior performance from the latest computing platforms. Our experience with our current efforts in this vein suggests there is an enormous and underserved demand for this type of research. Our team, proficient in programming, computer science, and mathematics, applies their expertise to enhance AI, engineering, and science applications, libraries, and algorithms. 
  • Training. Capitalizing on our wealth of experience, we develop and provide expert-level training programs, combining face-to-face instruction with self-guided and teacher-led tutorials. Colfax’s training initiatives have stood out in the past due to their hands-on learning approach, allowing participants to engage directly with the latest hardware in real-world scenarios. Taking advantage of Colfax’s position as a system integrator and our experience with custom cloud solutions, we enable hands-on training modalities to allow the audience of our training programs to learn by doing.
  • Computing Infrastructure. Steeped in computing hardware and empowered by a versatile developer team, Colfax employs original software solutions for enabling remote access to unique computing platforms and products. We have extensive expertise in: configuring specialized servers, clusters and clouds; creating automated systems for provisioning and remote access management; and in the integration of our cloud resources into technology test drives, educational programs, and consulting services.

In championing the convergence of cutting-edge hardware and innovative software, Colfax commits to bridging the persistent gap in computational advancement for its customers as well as for the broader community. Beyond hardware excellence, Colfax undertakes a multifaceted strategy to empower our clients through specialized consulting services, groundbreaking research and expert-level training. Strengthened by our diverse business partnerships, we have set out on a mission to assist the progress of science, engineering, and business endeavors through a synergy of hardware and software expertise.